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ഭര്‍ത്താക്കന്മാരോട് ഒരു വാക്ക് [Seturaman] [Novel] [PDF] 219

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ഭര്‍ത്താക്കന്മാരോട് ഒരു വാക്ക്

Bharthakkanmaarodu Oru Vaakku Kambi Novel | Author : Seturaman

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  1. വായന മാത്രം 😄

    An eye opener type story, so hot but short. Size (or rather length) doesn’t matter at least for such stories, obviously 🤣

  2. Yes 100% correct

  3. Well said, Njanum ethupole agraham kondu nadanna aalanu athinte mattu vashangal onnum chindhichirunnilla

  4. A masterpeice work!
    And where are you man, coudnt see you.

    1. Hello Mithun, long time no see. How are things at your end? In fact your stories also have become too much spaced out these days. I had sent the first episode of a new story to Doc, but instead this earlier one has come as pdf. I do have to thank him for putting it though. Hopefully the new story will appear soon I guess. Warm regards.

      1. …. sorry, ‘by spread out’ I meant that the interval between your stories have become pretty long these days ……

      2. Yea. Im busy with my job!
        so not much on time for this fantacy stuffs 😉

        Tentatively will post new story 🙂
        By this weekend.

  5. Your story is very nice.
    Wish to see much more like this.

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